Metal roofing

The total sales volume of metal roofing materials is about 10% of total sales in the market of roofing materials, each year their popularity is growing rapidly, because they are considered reliable, non-combustible and resistant to air and water.

They are used by the most famous architects of the world, such as James Butler – the famous designer of the house of the richest man in the world Bill Gates. He used colourful roofing in combination with traditional wall materials to build his house. Another example is Ken Mahler, who won the prestigious Sullman Award for the design of the Sydney Olympic Park railway station.

Currently, the foreign press publishes a large number of metal tiles, which offers to use it not only for industrial buildings, as it was previously accepted, but also for residential buildings.

Their main advantage is their durability. The quality of metal coatings made of galvanized steel does not require replacement even for 50 years.

Metal coatings are not noisy, as it seems at first glance. They are usually laid on hard ground, and the insulation materials and attic space (in the case of steep roofs) provide additional soundproofing. Studies show that metal cladding is no more noisy than any traditional roofing.

There is also no reason to think that the metal roof heats up at high temperatures. Metal reflects about 70% of solar energy, which significantly reduces the amount of accumulated heat and at the same time absorbs it inside buildings. A study conducted in 1985 by the Institute of Solar Energy showed that on a sunny day, a metal roof provides the same insulation effect as R-11 insulators.

(The insulation properties of the “R – n” materials are determined by the amount of heat absorbed, e.g. the R-11 indicator has a 3-inch glass fabric layer.)

Another myth is that the metal cladding attracts lightning. It is usually attracted by the highest scores, not necessarily metals. The possibility of lightning strikes the metal roof is equal to the fact that it shakes the roof of any other type. In any case, if lightning strikes the roof of the building, the metal roof will protect against fire, as the metal can emit a charge of electricity, and is completely non-flammable.

Another reason for the growing popularity of metal coatings is their environmental friendliness, which is completely harmless to the environment, health and life of people and animals, which is extremely important nowadays, characterized by huge environmental pollution.

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